New small group lessons forming now!

Welcome to LKAcademy of Horsemanship

Welcome to LKAcademy of Horsemanship

About Us

Recently relocated!

We are so excited to be in Leesburg, VA now.  We are 5 minutes to rt 15, rt 7, Food Lion, Safeway, numerous restaurants, gas stations-you name it!

We are looking forward to getting to know the community and invite anyone interested to come

on over for a visit.  When you see how happy and well behaved our horses and ponies are you will be hooked!  We have room for new students at any level, ages 6-76. 

ANNOUNCING.....NEW SMALL GROUP LESSONS! No more than 3 riders in a group, with group lesson pricing!

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Enhance and grow current riding skills by...

Taking your lesson out of an arena with level footing and practice in a grass ring.


Work on skills in a field. It’s one thing to trot a 20 meter circle in a ring, and a whole different game when trotting a 20 meter circle in a huge field.  

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Come out to the farm and see why our students love it so much. We want all students to have the opportunity to learn in a safe yet fun environment. It is also important to us that correct principles of riding are taught.  Many riding schools feel beginners shouldn’t learn correctness and details about how the horse moves. We disagree. Students of all ages are taught and understand that the horse‘s movement is directly influenced by our movement  whether on his back or on the ground.

We use unique lesson plans to ensure everyone involved is on the same page, and that the student knows what he or she needs to accomplish in order to move up a level.  Give us a try. There is no obligation. You may take your initial lesson as a one time event.  We think you’ll be hooked and decide to stay.

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