Horse Shows

Team 20/20 show team


Our show team is a small group of riders interested in eventing, horse trials, combined training events, dressage and cross country!   We are casual, have fun at shows, cheer each other on and have great sportsmanship. The team understands that the show isn’t so much about winning, as it is about learning what we need to improve upon. 

Coupons and more!


LKAcademy usually has a Groupon campaign where you can find very discounted vouchers for lessons. We will soon be adding CertifiKids and HulaFrog to our coupon campaigns! 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you provide equipment?  Yes. We provide the horse and his equipment.  We also have helmets for your use until you purchase your own. 
  • What should I wear?  Always where long pants. Riding tights or breeches are expected once you’ve made a commitment to continue.  Paddock boots with laces are the best choice for boots.
  • Are you certified?  Yes!  I hold a Certificate  from the American Riding Instructors Association. I was required to do quite a bit of research prior to the testing. 
  • What are ‘disciplines’?   The equestrian world has quite a lot of its own lingo. Referring to riding, the word discipline means what type of riding you do. For example, someone would say, “My favorite discipline is Dressage.”  I’m fairly certain this term must have been the word of choice since, like the martial arts, it takes quite a bit of patience, practice, repeat. 
  • Where do we ride?  I have a large bluestone arena, a smaller grass/dirt arena, a large 10 acre field that advanced students can ride in. We also use the hills adjacent to the bluestone ring.  
  • What is HCC? Helmet Cover Club. It’s our version of pony club, (which we will soon be a part of!) Every time a Level is completed,  The students earns a different colored helmet cover.  Please visit this link to find out more.
  • Do you go to horse shows? Yes. Please see the horse show link here.
  • Do you have lessons all year?  Yes!  RAIN OR SHINE!

if you have further questions, please fill out the form on the contact us page, email to: 

Or call or text    703-973=0780